Production program

MIDI manufactures machine parts for different industries. Therefore, these parts can be found in road building, mining, amusement parks, overhead railways, waste disposal, deep drilling machines, wind turbines, shot blasting machines, and other machines for various purposes, depending on customer requirements. The steel structures of MIDI can be found in Croatia in INA plants, at the pedestrian bridge in Rijeka, at OMV gas stations, highway toll booths, and amusement parks in Florida, Vietnam, China, Poland, on the overground railways in Bologna (Italy) and Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), and hydroelectric power plants in Sweden and Georgia.

Road building

Our steel structures can be found, for example, on the pedestrian bridge in Rijeka.


We have produced and still produce mining machinery parts.

Amusement parks

Our steel structures are part of theme parks in Florida, Vietnam, China, and Poland.


We have also produced parts of the above-ground railway in Bologna (Italy) and Ashgabat (Turkmenistan).

Waste disposal

We construct the structures needed for waste disposal.

Deep drilling machines

Our modern technology enables us to create deep hole drilling machines.

Wind turbines

In addition to wind power plants, we have also produced parts for hydropower plants in Sweden and Georgia.

Shot blasting machines

Shot blasting machines are also part of our production program.

Other customer requirements

Our speciality is the production of complex welded parts according to our customers’ custom designs.

Perfectionism in production combined with state-of-the-art technology delivers excellent product quality.

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Call us +385 40 337 773

Let's make your ideas come true.

Call us +385 40 337 773

Let's make your ideas come true.